Welcome to Alliance Financial Ministries, Inc.’s online curriculum. We are excited to provide this engaging, interactive learning platform designed to improve your financial capabilities. Since 2002 AFM has provided high-quality financial education to individuals that want to enjoy a more financially secure future.

Our online curriculum uses industry best practices to provide practical and interactive financial lessons online. As you go through the curriculum you will notice a unique learning experience where you will have access to the tools necessary to build a solid financial foundation. The flexible online platform is designed to provide a variety of schedules and learning outcomes and provides blended learning options. We are excited to provide, this life-changing learning experience.

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Online Curriculum

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"Using an interactive digital media platform, we teach kids, teens and young adults about financial literacy"

      Comprehensive Financial Literacy Solution

  • Adaptive Pathing & Computerized Adaptive Testing
  • Rich Data & Real-time Reporting
  • Interactive and Engaging User Experience
  • Built in Educational and eLearning Best Practices
  • Creation of a Personalized Financial Plan
  • The Learning Management System’s Central Dashboard
  • Flexible Course Pacing Options
  • Flexible Course Formats & Delivery Options
  • Integrated Testing & Long-term Measures of Behavior ​
  • Techniques that Encourage Higher Levels of Learning